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Disclaimer:  I feel like I’m often complaining in these posts, but I think it is somewhat cathartic to be able to put my feelings into words, so I go just with it…

Here we are, nearing the end, in the final module of the class. What seemed extremely daunting on the first day, now actually seems doable. I am proud of what I have accomplished in this class. I am happy with the stories that I have done, they exceeded my expectations, which, I guess, is not that difficult when you set the bar as low as I did…   The support from everyone in the class, with these projects has been amazing!

While I do see the light at the end of the tunnel, I still have a lot of work in front of me and I am trying really hard not to get stressed over it. I am taking 2 additional classes as well, so at times I do feel a bit overwhelmed. I often spend hours a day working on assignments as the summer slips by.  I constantly remind myself it’s worth it because on the bright side, these are my last 3 classes and I will be graduating with my bachelor’s degree! So that’s very exciting and definitely makes the light at the end of the tunnel even brighter! (In case you’re confused, when I did my selfie for the class, I mentioned I had one more class to take in the fall, but since then, I was able to add that class to my summer schedule – WOO HOO!)

I’m looking forward to working as a team on the final story.  I think it will be fun to be able to have creative input from others.  I am a little worried though, (I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t) that it will take longer to complete than I would like because we will have to wait for each other’s input.  On the other hand, with my other classes, I can always find other assignments to work on.  So for now, after a rather productive Saturday morning, I can scratch one more blog post of my list, close my computer for the moment, and go spend some quality time with my daughter.




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