As I had mentioned in my previous post, I had a lot of trouble deciding what I should do for my next story.  For me, coming up with an idea is the hardest part.  After thinking long and hard and after investigating different platforms to use, I finally decided to create a book online.

I am using a website called StoryJumper.  The website is kind of cool, you write your own story and they have a library that contains scenes, and props to help you illustrate it.  You can also upload your own images which is a great option to make the story more personal.  While I think the whole concept of the website is really cool, I have been finding it to be a bit glitchy.  However, I often found that issues I was having were actually user errors. (oops)  As I was creating my story, I started to slowly figure things out and then it became a bit easier to use.  Overall, I did find it to be pretty user friendly.

Now that I’m done with my story, I keep reviewing/revising it just to make sure I’m happy with the outcome before I post the link here on my blog.   It’s just about ready to go!  It was fun creating this story and doing something for a class that allows creativity!  If you are interested in writing stories, you should definitely check this website out!

I hope you visit again soon to read my story!









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