When I was trying to figure out what story to do, I was definitely feeling stressed about it.  I wasn’t sure that I was technologically savvy enough to pull something like this off.  I finally decided on my story and the platform I would use, but I was still worried.  As I started, I quickly realized how user friendly Adobe Spark is, and was actually enjoying putting everything together.  It was fun to go through old photos and make everything come together.  This was definitely a bit outside of my comfort zone, but I’m really glad I had the opportunity to do this.

I highly recommend viewing the video prior to reading the script.  I hope you Enjoy it!


The setting for my story is Long Island, New York.  The video contains an assortment of texts, photos, and video that represents my life over the past 30 years.


The video is accompanied by the song “100 Years” performed by Five For Fighting. Purchased through iTunes.


I used my laptop to create the video and I chose to use Adobe Spark Video to do my digital story.


In The Blink Of An Eye 


Slide 1

(Title Page)

Text: In The Blink of an Eye

By Kathy M.

Slide 2

Text: This, is where my story begins…

Slide 3

Photo: Bride and Groom

Text: 30 years ago I married this guy

Slide 4 

Photo: A house being built

Text: We built a house

Slide 5

Photo: Completed house

Text: and soon our house became a home

Slide 6

Photo: Pregnant woman

Text: This happened!

Slide 7

Text: It’s a girl!

Slide 8

Photo: Newborn baby

Text: 1989

Slide 9

Photo: Happy couple

Text: (Fast forward 27 years and she is now engaged!)

Slide 10

Text: and they adopted this crazy girl…

Slide 11

Video: The crazy girl

Slide 12

Text: 1992, Baby No2 arrives!

Slide 13 

Photo: Newborn baby

Text: It’s a boy!

Slide 14

Text: Soon after, baby makes 5

Slide 15

Photo: Newborn baby

Text: Another girl! – 1996

Slide 16

Photo: Family

Text: Our family is now complete

Slide 17

Photo: 3 children (humorous)

Text: They grow, and they are beautiful

Slide 18

Photo: 3 children (humorous)

Slide 19

Text: and GROW

Slide 20

Photo: Mom and 3 Children

Slide 21

Text: And soon they leave for college…

Slide 22

Photo 1: Daughter #1 graduate

Photo 2: Son graduate

Slide 23

Photo: Daughter #2 at college

Text: A college senior, soon my “baby” will also leave the nest

Slide 24

Text: While my life might not be glamorous,

it’s mine and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Slide 25

Photo: 3 grown children

Slide 26

Photo: Happy couple

Text: Where will our new chapter take us?

Slide 27

Text: Credits:

(In order of appearance)

Wife – Kathy M.

Husband – Steve M.

Daughter #1 – Casey M.

Fiancé – Will S.

Grandog – Bailey

Son – Patrick M.

Daughter #2 – Madison M.

Story by Kathy M.

Music: “100 Years” – Five for Fighting

Slide 28

Text: Made with Adobe Spark Video

         Learn more at spark.adobe.com


Works cited

“Communicate with Impact.” Adobe Spark, www.spark.adobe.com. Accessed 31 May 2017.

Five For Fighting. “100 Years.” The Battle for Everything, Aware Records and Columbia Records, 2004, iTunes Digital music file m4a.

“In The Blink Of An Eye.” YouTube, uploaded by Kathy M, 16 June 2017, www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eeXVSqlduo&feature=youtu.be .



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