IMG_0116The setting for my video is the Interior of my house, in my kitchen. The video contains one scene of me introducing myself. There is nobody else in the video. 


Hi, everyone! I’m Kathy and I live on Long Island.  I am a return student (which is code word for old) and I’ve been attending Empire for the last couple of years, studying Communications and Media. I will be taking my final class in the fall and will then be graduating, which I can’t wait!  I am taking two classes this semester and they both seem like they will be keeping me very busy.  On top of that, this is my life right now…

(pan construction)

I hope I didn’t make you dizzy. I’m standing in the midst of construction chaos because my house is in the middle of being renovated.  We our completely re-doing our living room, our dining room and our kitchen.  While It’s both exciting and exhausting, my house is in a huge state of disorganization at the moment and I’m really hoping I can keep my sanity throughout this process. I am taking this quick opportunity to film this without background construction noise, since my husband ran out to pick up some supplies.  I’m looking forward to this class and I’m looking forward to getting to know some of you, and I hope we have fun!  Thanks, bye.

“My “Selfie” Video.” YouTube, uploaded by Kathy M, 21 May 2017,


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